PUDDINGyarn offers classes for hobbyists of all skill levels. All class sizes are kept to a minimum to provide the best environment for one-on-one instruction.

If there is a topic you are interested in an you do not see it listed, please contact the store. We will schedule additional new classes if there is sufficient interest in a topic or technique.

bulletCurrent Classes - lists all classes currently offered or beginning shortly.

Beginner Classes provide instruction in the basics of knitting and crochet and also  include practical information on selecting yarn, as well as the patterns and tools required to complete a project. No previous experience is required.


Intermediate Classes offer instruction in more complex projects as well as new techniques including topics such as cabling, multi-colour projects, finishing and other stitch techniques. Basic skills required.


Advanced Classes cover a wide range of topics from making more complex projects to adapting patterns, fixing problems and proper finishing and embellishing techniques. Some advanced proficiency is required.



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